Thursday, January 26, 2012

Friend or Foe:Technology

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Today's topic?    TECHNOLOGY

If you're alive today, well awake know about technology. From the living room to the classroom, technology is aiding, guiding, and controlling the lives of us and our children. I myself can't even imagine getting through the day without it. We as a global community have gotten to the point where it is a necessity. Yet as with most powerful movements, ideas, and brings great benefits as well as detrimental downfalls.

From the time we wake until we close our eyes at night we are surrounded by and using all sorts of technology. What home doesn't own or use a source of technology like the computer, television, or a cell phone. You are reading this blog not brought mainly from new technology.  We now have the world at our fingertips. With technology, information can be found and downloaded before you're t.v. dinner is finished cooking in the microwave. Flooding us with facts like a hydrant gushing water, documents and data can indeed be shared and passed within seconds all around the world. You can teach students thousands of miles away and reference a source found in another. Need a recipe? got it. Need to send a message quick? Done. Want to catch that movie you missed? Here you go. You can even find a future spouse with dating technology! You can find anything you need on the internet and do anything you want quickly without leaving your home.

While some are resistant to learn and keep up with technology, it is a necessity for everyday living. But when is a good thing too much? The world has become so dependent on technology that side effects have indeed appeared to hinder the progress of the world. Anything indeed can be found and done with technology...but some things shouldn't be. People with wrong intentions have been aided like everyone else in making their goals simple to achieve. Privacy, security, and comfort can quickly be lost from technology. Socially we have lost basic skills that we had due to technology replacing. Jobs and people needs have been replaced. Physical activities have been outdone by games and movies. And time for simple things are no longer available. So as I see it technology is a friend and foe.

A journeyman. I would say that's an apt title to give myself in my role with technology. I seem to use the source with competency as I navigate needed outlets. While not an expert, I seem to get the job  done and do it comfortably. Although I do seem to find myself enthralled with technology sometimes...the downfall of many with this idea. I can use technology to get what I need and reach out to where I can utilize information.

While just starting at WKU, I do have college experience. With that I see professors have used programs such as blackboard, Microsoft office, and e-mail opportunities to keep it simple. Reaching from outlets like science kits online, articles on the net, and video conferencing they have been able to present material not only found in books.

I myself have used technology in, bing, wikipedia, and blogging have brought much needed info immediately. Programs such as CAD, 20-20, scansource, and science centered activities bring new life and quick learning to the classroom.

So whether we embrace it or is here to stay. I only hope the positives outweigh the negatives for the good of all.

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