Monday, February 20, 2012

Educational Technology (3)

     This semester has been jam packed with technology. Following suit of many college course, all of my classes this semester of course use blackboard to communicate. Fellow students can communicate with each other as well as student to teacher and vice versa. The simple us of search engines and research on the web have helped in my learning process. 
     Special programs such as "mastering biology" and Bio Labs are being utilized on the net for my science courses. These programs take place class of in class work but still serve as a hands on approach to learning. The assignments are interactive challenging us students to learn and respond through each objective. 
     Diigo, Edu 2.0, and Google+ have helped with this classroom in keeping the communication flowing through different avenues. Here we can communicate, do individual research and share, highlight and bookmark information on the web, discuss topics, and reflect on what we have done with each other and not have to  be in the same place. I have even gotten the chance to use google hangout to conference with multiple peers.
     Even in preparing for the lesson I taught, my partner and I used Powerpoint and the web to download tools into the presentation such as links and  timers. Pretty much everything  I have done this semester has incorporated technology. 

     In education, the internet is present. In researching I use the internet for information. Sharing and retrieving information is done through the internet. Simple e-mails to send classroom tools help in teaching. Pulling articles, videos, pictures, and presentations from the "net" are daily processes in my education. I am no longer a 1.0 person. I don't simply read items on the net and act as a viewer. I now participate in the spreading of information and continuing learning. 
     "A Web 2.0 site allows users to interact and collaborate with each other in a social media dialogue as creators..."
     We can now add our own input through the sites we are using. Teaching is the best form of learning and now we can teach and learn from each other and the web. As a  student, I can post helpful links, ask and answer questions with other students, and reflect my own thoughts through pages such as diigo, Google+. Blogger, Edu2.0, and other forum sites.
     As a teacher, I can present information to the students through sites. Offer ways of learning through exercises the students can do on their own is a great idea as a teacher. I can even create my own "teacher website" to allow students to further explore topics and lessons. 
     We are all moving towards a 2.0 society. Some of us are jumping at the opportunity while others are slowing giving in. We have the world at our fingertips and need to do our part to share what we can.

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