Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Reflection 2

1. How did your overall experience (e.g., lesson preparation, practice, implementation, students’ responses, your realizations, etc.) change from Teach 1 to Teach 2? Your well-written, professional response should be 1-2 paragraphs.

Transitioning from Teach 1 to Teach 2, I have seen myself grow tremendously as a pre service teacher. Teach 1 was successful, but I had many areas to work on. So as I started focusing on this Teach I really put concern on the areas I was critiqued on last time. Spending much time creating and fine tuning my own lesson plan allowed me to really immerse myself in this lesson and what I wanted the students to learn. After breaking down and altering the lesson many times with feedback from different teachers and peers, I finally got where I wanted to be before I entered the classroom. I practiced this time, but with different "students" to help me. Having the different views and questions really helped prepare me for this class. As I entered I was a lot more confident and felt more at ease presenting to the students.

While I was far better prepared for this teach with more confidence, of course things didn't go 100 percent smoothly. Small hiccups in the Teach occurred which I handled at my best. This will definitely happen daily as a teacher in my own classroom. Technology glitches, data not following my predictions, and student misconceptions all occurred in which I had to bounce back quickly. I had to resend my powerpoint and open up the video in youtube, describe how our data would change over time, and reroute students in the right direction of thinking. Overall, I looked at the sheets my students completed and I noticed more students were putting right answers with creative thinking on the Teach 2 worksheets. This does make me feel much more successful.

2. Rate your confidence level as a teacher on a 1 to 5 scale with 1 being terrified and 5 being confident. Elaborate in 3 sentences or less. 
As a teacher, I will go with a 4 on the confidence level. There is still a lot to learn and always will be, but with my experience so far I feel pretty confident that I can teach students a given concept with much more ease.

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