Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Assessments...Lord help me.

Assessment Blog

List 3 aspects pertaining to assessments, rubrics, and/or evaluations you have realized in the past few weeks. (1-2 sentences per aspect)

1. Assessments are sometimes the hardest component of the lesson plan. At the same time, they can be the most important.

2. It is difficult to accurately align the assessment to be properly effective with the objectives of my lesson. Also, making the rubric match up with the assessment I choose is crucial, but not always so obvious.

3. Assessments, specifically formative assessments, are probably the best way for both the students and myself to evaluate our progress. They can gauge and assess their work and mine and I can do the same.

Summarize in 2 sentences what you know or are going to learn about assessments and rubrics. 

Assessments are again key in evaluating and producing effective lesson plans. I am still working on how to get the best assessment possible with a correct and helpful rubric that will get better in time.

Provide 1 helpful or informative links about assessments and rubrics. (Do not add Rubistar.)

The following are helpful links I have found on here for assessments and rubrics.

The first is a site for teachers that has helpful discussion boards where fellow peers can discuss their ideas with one another.

The second is a discussion on different formative assessments and how we can use each to learn from our students.

"If you can both listen to children and accept their answers not as things to just be judged right or wrong but as pieces of information which may reveal what the child is thinking, you will have taken a giant step toward becoming a master teacher, rather than merely a disseminator of information." -Easley & Zwoyer, 1975

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